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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sirens and ladders? >> one councilman believes that putting ads could help save some companies that are slated for closure. kerry cavanaugh is downtown with the latest. >> the sponsor says he was inspired by a school bus carrying a paid advertisement and he believes the concept could help the fire department with some cash. this is one fire companies scheduled to close to to budget cuts. the councilman believes selling ad space could help save this company and two others. >> i think it will be tastefully done and should raise enough money so we do not have any closures or anything. we will be able to have public safety intact. >> our budget closes tree fire houses. >> introduced the measure monday night. officers came to use -- learn more. >> they are getting ready to permanently close " ayers
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stations, fire companies. -- close fire stations, fire companies. >> i want to learn more information. i do not want the fire trucks going up and down the street looking like a nascar. >> we do not want them to look like nascar. >> he said he would help with the design and placement. >> they will determine the type and advertising, the rate, what it will look like. >> a spokesman for the florida bar and tells us that chief is reviewing the proposal but has not weighed in on that. the council member wants the measure to go to a hearing. >> 812 and 13 year-old have been arrested in connection to a church fire that was intentionally set last week. they're both charged with
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second-degree arson. they found gasoline and a lighter to start the fire. a nearby church has invited the baptized congregation -- baptist conversation to use their building. kevin mont, a veteran, remains in serious condition some nice. he was struck sunday night during a traffic stop. authorities say as he directed traffic, a speeding actress that off a chain reaction crash. he was hit and knocked into the oncoming lane. >> to say it was a slow going on upper jfx was an understatement. >> it was the first weekday after it went into effect. kai reed is along interstate 83 with the story.
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>> officials say that the congestion would not have been as bad if not for the crash during the morning commute. drivers got the message they could be in for a long and frustrating journey. what a way to start the week, bumper-to-bumper traffic backed up for miles, the first rush hour during the construction project. >> i feel sorry for the people who have to take out every day. >> it is hard to find an alternative. i do not now. it is not a good in purity >> a four card chain reaction crash -- car chain reaction crash first backed up the morning rush. then the evening rush, enough for drivers to start to think about alternatives. >> i may have to change my schedule, go about things differently. plan accordingly.
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>> a fair number of people diverted from upper jfx. -- from the jx. fx. >> it is all about preventing sinkholes. engineers discovered pipe damage and gaps or voids under the pavement. for now they are keeping drivers out of the area by closing one lane in each direction for two weeks. >> you will not see construction activity. we are keeping off the lane for safety. >> then the process starts, closures, traffic, and headaches in place for at least eight weeks. officials asked for patience. >> watch your following distance, don't change lanes. all of those things. that is what contributed to the accident. >> you can watch traffic updates tomorrow morning. we will have coverage of what is
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going on for the morning rush. kai reed, and wbal tv 11 years. >> to more speed cameras, they will go up at a high school and elementary school. in addition to the cameras, and a third phase will pushup near another high school, allowing authorities to rotate the one camera. a number -- the number stands at 17. for a list at other locations, log onto our website. >> search dogs were looking for clues in the disappearance of a man missing for 18 years. on april 12, 1994, he left a restaurant to walk home. he has not been seen or heard from since that date. police say their search turned up some items but that evidence will be sent to the crime lab. >> a man has refused bail as he is charged with several sex
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offenses, including rape and shopkorn. " in sharp was taken into custody after a victim claimed she had been assaulted by him and others. barry has more on the investigation. >> my child would not dare hurt nobody. >> she says she is a heart -- he is a hard worker. she thinks the accusations are lies. >> my baby is only 30 years old. his dam like it's going to be gone. i am asking to life to help him. ascus be strong. >> the alleged rape started when he lived at this house. a growing from her foster mother she had been abuses august 2009. her aunt introduced her to sharp. according to the record, "the
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defendant would call their friends and allow them to have sexual intercourse with a girl." the girl, now 14, told detectives he continued having sex with her in the 2400 block of east fayette street and holder to have sex with their relatives. police went to the home with a search warrant. >> they waited for him. they went downstairs and got some things and took it out. >> list of from the basement included four bags of marijuana. they climbed the defendant admitted being intimate with the victim's and she was 13. and the defendant admitted to taking nude photographs of the victim. he also said the marijuana was his but said he does not smoke marijuana. people paid him with marijuana. >> the man accused in the st. patrick's day attack is being held on 500 college -- $500,000
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bail. authorities say the victim was beaten, robbed, and strict of his clothing. his attorney says alcohol played a factor and wants bell to be reduced. a sentencing date has been set for hughley. jury found him guilty of second- degree murder in the death of loved. both attended the university of virginia. the jury recommended 26 years in prison. >> a mistrial and a lawsuit against officers. it stems from a shooting in which two people were killed. the families of the men, along with an air of white, filed a wrongful death suit accusing the opposite -- officers of assault and false imprisonment. >> there was some wording that i
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think confused the jury and they had difficulty answering the complex question concerning probable cause for the police to shoot. >> on july 4, 2008, white was leaving a union hall when shots were fired in celebration of the holiday period opposite -- officers say the weapons were aimed at them. >> 11 secret service personnel have been placed on leave for allegedly parting with prostitutes. they had been working security prior to the arrival of the president. the official says that 10 members of the military also may have been involved. president obama and warren buffett say it is fair for the wealthy to pay 30% of their income in taxes. republicans blocked passage of the rule. >> democrats are ok with that.
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they plan to reach a political benefit in the fall. steve had bozeman has more on this story. >> democrats pushed the boat to hike taxes on millionaires. -- vote to hike taxes on millionaires. republicans in charge is not about fairness, it is about votes. >> we are wasting so much time on this political damage. it will not solve our larger problems. the president is more interested in misleading people than he is in leading. >> polls show the plan, backed by president obama, is popular with voters. to tax families making a million dollars a year at least 30%. it would raise $47 billion in 10 years. >> one week's interest on our
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national debt. that is it. >> but that makes the point that mitt romney is rich. he was at a red sox game today expected to pay 15% in taxes. on $21 million. half of the buffet will rate. last weekend, romney was overheard by reporters revealing he wants to lower tax rates for the rich. so small businesses can hire more workers. he said he would eliminate deductions is so the rich would pay about what they pay now. falling short in the senate, was the democrats' plan. >> a reminder, if you need one, tomorrow is the deadline for fared -- federal and maryland tax returns. today was a district of columbia holiday. >> of the missing piece has been found.
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what we know about the winning a mega millions ticket. >> i do not have a peace. disposing about dating documents. >> 100 days until 11,000 athletes descend on london. how the city is prepping for the olympic games. >> record warmth along the seaboard. a cold front on our doorstep as temperature changes move in. for now, it still feels like for now, it still feels like summer.
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>> it is finally over, the search for the last ticket and a mega millions jackpot.
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the single winner will accept a check for more than $218 million. no details about the ticket holder were released except it had been purchased in illinois at a convenience store. once again, the better business bureau wants to help you get rid of annual -- outdated documents. you are allowed to drop off up to three boxes. experts say documents that contain your personal information like a bank account numbers such as a tax return should be shredded. >> the irs requires you to keep seven years of tax documentation. if you're going to keep things like king statements, maybe two or three years' worth of that. not much longer than that. >> if you cannot attend on saturday, it is important to have a personal shredder. the regular shredder allows you
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to peace documents together. don't forget the annual shred will be held this saturday at two locations. there is a three box limit. >> today marks 100 days from the start of the 2012 london olympics, marking the first city in the modern era to host the game three times. >> officials estimate 2.5 million people will visit london during the games, a 60% higher than normal. london says it is ready. >> people should come here with a false sense of security. >> more than 10,000 athletes -- rity.sense of secuirt more than 10,000 athletes will come. organizers say they are ready to
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deliver within budget. >> it is an extraordinary success. >> the ioc is still talking to saudi arabia about sending female athletes. the national olympic committee is resisting. >> this is an ongoing discussion. it is too soon to come to conclusions. >> transportation remains and challenged. millions will flood into the city. parliament suggests the airport may not be equipped to deal with a crowd. >> everybody will expect a slight delay when it comes to the olympics. we do not want to put it to call off coming back to the u.k. in future years. >> officials admit there could be slowed down due to high demand and even london's mayor is asking and visitors to pack some patients. >> come to london. you will have some great time. the transport system will be
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crowded. everybody has to except that. >> it is london. you will have fun. we are your links station. we will cover them from now until the closing ceremonies. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> it was hot up and down the seaboard today and that cause problems for the marathon in boston. it was a record-setting afternoon of the eastern seaboard. here at the u.s. marathon team, they did not go to boston. they have hard qualified. it was too hot. 87 degrees. 90 west of there in syracuse in new york. 85, new york city. 90 in richmond. this area is cooking like summer time. the northwest, a winter time. 25 this afternoon with snow
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falling. tooten -- two seasons. we were on the somber side of it. tying the record that goes back to 2002. a trace of snow in 1988. we could use some rain. might catch a shower on wednesday. basically a dry and pollen counts remain high. 2083. the total count at 2151. we are in the middle of allergy season. the cold front is coming. probably still above normal but this line of showers and clouds out of the mountains is what used to be the severe weather maker over the weekend. it is the remnants of that front. temperatures drop from almost 82 the 60's in pittsburgh and 50's in cleveland. the front moves off the coast and we will wake up to partly
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cloudy skies and cool air will be coming in. it is not going to be called. the west agrees will prevent it from warming up tomorrow. -- breeze will prevent it from warming up tomorrow. cooler than it was today. almost a 20 degree drop. on wednesday, some showers south of us. more dry weather for thursday before a storm tries to develop on the coast with a substantial rain for saturday and sunday. partly cloudy tomorrow. a breezy day. on the bay, a small craft advisory. western maryland, a cooler temperatures, 50's. eastern shore locations, temperatures above normal but not as warm as today. some showers south toward cambridge on wednesday. on wednesday, the best chance for rain, 73 tomorrow and cloudy
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skies on wednesday. our temperatures will bottom out on wednesday with clouds and a shower passing south of us. mid-60's's on a thursday. then, we have to get some much- needed rain. possibly some significant rain. a thunderstorm and showers lingering into monday. >> the season looks anything but perfect but the ninth inning has some huge place. worth staying up for. >> tonight's jackpot has an annuity of $500,000. your numbers for this monday are -- 5, 19, 1, 11, 13, and 14.
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if no one matches on the six numbers, it climbs to $525,000. for all of the latest winning numbers, visit our website.
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>> it seemed doomed when they left the bases loaded in the third and fourth. instead, a big ninth inning as they leave the white sox. 1-1 in the fourth. bases loaded when he strikes out to end the inning. chicago up 3-1. a runner on third. a great effort. it makes the catch.
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the runner tags a score. four-one, white sox. ninth-inning, a home run. it is a one running game. down 4-3. alan jones launches equalizer. ties it at four apiece. chris davis has just deliver the go-ahead rbi. i cannot say that score, 5-4 -- i can update that score, 5-4. mitt romney working his home crowd. daniel boardwalks the bases full and then compounds the problem walking long kooria. cody ross caught looking
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announced down as tampa bay knocks off boston 1-0. every bit of hot as the temperature -- as the tempered today. 4100 runners withdrew from the race. it did not deter a the kenyan who won the boston with 12 hours 12 minutes, almost 10 and is slower than last year. that is the impact of the heat. the same payday as a year ago. $150,000. the women's winner was also a native of kenya. offseason work out some. they all fall under the heading of voluntary. joe volunteered despite time -- not having a new contract. as expected, re rice did not take part in the workout and will not show up until the
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mantle -- mandatory camp next month. he wants a long-term contract. he is prevented from creating free agency to. players stay away from the facility under those circumstances. this of season gets more interesting tomorrow night when the nfl releases the schedule for the season. a missed opportunity for the capitals tonight. they have to play from behind against the stanley cup champions. they had some great moments in this game. wheat pickup reaction in the second. alex ovechkin been stan thomas, two-one, the capitals in front. slipping behind the defense and it is three pieces. with under two minutes to play, a slapshot, off the stick, in for the winner.
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4-3. they lead 2-1. big pick up for the terps with evans from michigan. he started for half of the season but opted out of michigan after of losing the starting position. he averaged eight points, five rebounds a game for the wolverines. he is a tall, long-range shooter who can also were cut glass. sponsors will have to sit out next season. two seasons of eligibility remaining with the terrapins. remaining with the terrapins.
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>> 20 degrees above normal? >> 25 today. tomorrow, 74, wed. 62. 60's and 70's on thursday and friday. a soggy weekend would not be disastrous. we are 5 inches below normal rainfall. >> we look forward to it. that is all for 11 news 3q
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